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We are passionate about increasing company value

We take care of all the issues related to selling your company, from tax optimisation to legal matters, from finding a purchaser to trade negotiations. We ensure that as the owner, you can focus on running the business despite the sales process.

Our services

Our benefits to business owners:

    • With the experience of over 300 completed transactions, our team will help you sell your company at the highest price and best terms.

    • Our international network expands the potential buyer base.
    • The seller can focus on managing and developing the company during the process.
    • The seller will not be left alone at any stage of the process. We are there to advise and assist the whole way.

    • We manage the financial, judicial, and tax-related issues professionally and proactively.

    • Continuous communication ensures that the seller is kept informed throughout the process.

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Our email addresses are in the form of

Mika Niiniketo

Business Director

+358 45 3118 531

Matti Kivilammi

Manager, M&A

+358 40 1688 208

Seppo Sneck

Senior Advisor

+358400 643 803

Harri Teittinen

Business Development Manager

+358 400 653 665

Markus Johansson


+358 45 6901 866

Tuomas Laukkala

Analyst, M&A

+358 40 6652 109

Kristian Stenbacka

Analyst, M&A

+358 50 4645 224