Growth financing

We understand the importance of corporate capital management

When it comes to the quality and quantity of your capital and the related timing and repayment, we can offer you the solution that best suits your business operations through our extensive financing network. We manage the financing process from company presentations to structuring the financing and negotiations to contracts while protecting your interests.


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Mika Niiniketo

Business Director

+358 45 3118 531

Lauri Lähteenmaa

M&A Director

+358 40 0857022

Matti Kivilammi

Manager, M&A

+358 40 1688 208

Seppo Sneck

Senior Advisor

+358400 643 803

Harri Teittinen

Business Development Manager

+358 400 653 665

Max Tarkkala

Analyst, M&A

+358 50 5597 439

Tuomas Laukkala

Analyst, M&A

+358 40 6652 109